All-In at PACK EXPO 2023: Double Down on the Latest Trends

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Sep 26, 2023 9:16:14 AM
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Collect This Jackpot of Innovations: From SNEED-JET® and SNEED-PACK Solutions to Robotics, Sustainability, and More

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It feels like just yesterday we embarked on our "We're Coding Everywhere" tour, and now, with immense pride, we announce its successful conclusion in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. While the saying goes, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," we beg to differ because this journey has enriched us with invaluable knowledge we're eager to share. So, what made this trade show truly exceptional? We showcased our groundbreaking SNEED-PACK packaging equipment for the first time in Sneed's trade show history.

If you've attended our trade shows in the past, you might remember our crowd-favorite SNEED-JET® thermal inkjet handheld and inline printers. However, this show brought something new and exciting. Whether you could visit our booth or not, we're here to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the remarkable thermal inkjet technology we featured and insights into the cutting-edge packaging equipment that joined our lineup. And that's not all – stay tuned for an inside look at the liquid-filling machine that accompanied us on this unforgettable journey.

SNEED-JET® Thermal Inkjet Coders at PACK EXPO

Whether you're a newcomer to coding and marking or seeking to enhance your existing equipment, our handheld and inline printers offer versatile solutions. It's crucial to remember that there's no one-size-fits-all marking solution. To find the right fit, analyze your production process and identify your specific coding and marking requirements. Each production process is unique, so we've got you covered whether you need a particular print height, resolution, or speed.

Let's start with our SNEED-JET® handheld printers, which were a crowd favorite at the show. Many of our customers were eager to see how they work and their versatility. We showcased four thermal inkjet handheld printers, each catering to different needs.

  • SNEED-JET® Titan T6 and T7: These handheld printers can produce prints up to half an inch in height.

  • SNEED-JET® Freedom: Our Freedom handheld printer can create prints up to one inch tall.

  • SNEED-JET® XL: Our latest addition, the XL, is a large character portable handheld printer capable of producing characters up to four inches in height.

But we didn't stop at handheld printers. We also featured our inline printers in a unique setup alongside our SNEED-PACK liquid filling production line, case erector, and case sealer.

  • SNEED-JET® Freedom 21: Paired with our SNEED-PACK case erector, this two-inch case coder provides efficient coding for your cases.

  • SNEED-JET® 22 dual-head case coder: Positioned on both sides of our SNEED-PACK case sealer, this coder ensured traceability information on both sides of the bottle.

  • SNEED-JET® Infinity: Our filling machine was equipped with the Infinity, thanks to its extended ink throw distance feature.

  • SNEED-JET® Titan 22 dual-head inkjet coder: The Titan 22 coder worked in tandem with our capping machine to add vital traceability information.

  • SNEED-JET® Titan: Finally, our labeling machine features the Titan printer, which allows you to add various codes to your labels. 

As always, our booth was brimming with thermal inkjet technology designed to simplify coding for countless small to medium-sized businesses like yours.                   

SNEED-PACK Packaging Equipment at PACK EXPO 

We've previously mentioned that, for the first time in Sneed history, we proudly unveiled a range of packaging equipment at the expo. We introduced our SNEED-PACK Liquid Filling Production Line, our Small Box Case Erector (CE-30), and our Case Sealer for Small Boxes. Each piece of SNEED-PACK equipment plays a crucial role in streamlining various aspects of the production and packaging process. Just as we highlighted that there's no one-size-fits-all coding and marking solution, the same principle applies to packaging equipment.

SNEED-PACK Case Erector:

Our SNEED-PACK Small Box Case Erector (CE-30) left a lasting impression on those who passed by. It performs the remarkable feat of effortlessly transforming flat cartons into precisely structured boxes in mere seconds. The efficiency of this machine is a testament to its ability to streamline your packaging process.

SNEED-PACK Case Sealer for Small Boxes:

Following the formation of boxes by the Case Erector, our SNEED-PACK Small Box Case Sealer takes charge. This machine ensures that your packages are sealed efficiently and securely, with the perfect amount of tape applied every time. It simplifies the tedious task of sealing boxes, enhancing the overall efficiency of your packaging operations.

SNEED-PACK Liquid Filling Production Line:

Among our standout offerings is the SNEED-PACK Liquid Filling Production Line, a comprehensive solution comprising five essential components. For those who visited our booth, the Bottle Unscrambler would have been the first component of the filling line you would have encountered. It simplifies the bottle-loading process by feeding bottles consistently, eliminating the need for manual loading. The Filling Machine, capable of filling multiple bottles simultaneously and identically, further streamlines your operations. After filling, bottles move seamlessly to the Capping Machine, where an operator can swiftly place caps and allow the machine to tighten them in a matter of seconds. The Labeling Machine ensures precise and effortless label application, and finally, the Bottle Sorting Machine efficiently collects bottles as they exit, awaiting packaging by your operators.

Whether you attended the show or not, we can attest to the effectiveness of our SNEED-PACK packaging equipment. We keep packaging simple, allowing you to focus more on your core business. 

Tune in to Our SNEED-CAST 2023 PACK EXPO Recap

While providing a detailed breakdown of our offerings at EXPO PACK is informative, nothing beats experiencing it firsthand. That's why we're excited to announce a special episode of SNEED-CAST, where our team will take you on an immersive tour.

During this exclusive episode, you'll get an up-close look at everything we showcased at PACK EXPO Las Vegas. But that's not all – we'll also provide a concise overview of Sustainability Central, shedding light on the sustainability innovations that grabbed our attention.

As an added treat, we've arranged a special interview with Cory Connors, the Director of Sustainable Packaging. He'll share valuable insights and perspectives on the ever-evolving world of sustainable packaging. Don't miss out on this opportunity to dive deeper into the latest trends and innovations from the world of packaging and sustainability. Stay tuned to SNEED-CAST for an unforgettable PACK EXPO recap!

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