Why is Thermal Inkjet Our Inkjet Coding Technology of Choice?

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Feb 20, 2023 12:42:11 PM

Our VP of Technical Service is Giving Us a Behind the Scenes Look at the Coding Industry

Haven’t you ever wondered why out of all of the printing technologies available at Sneed Coding Solutions we decided to choose thermal-inkjet technology(TIJ)? There’s more to #KeepingCodingSimple than just stating it, but who better to give us an in-depth look at how thermal-inkjet technology compares to other printing technologies than our VP of Technical Services, Charles Collins; he’s been in the industry for over a decade, so if anyone can tell you about all of the different printing technologies it would be him. However, before Charles begins to school us on coding and marking options, let’s take a look at his start in the industry. 

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The Newest Member of Technical Services Has Finally Arrived

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Nov 21, 2022 12:37:41 PM

We’re Happy to Have Matthew on Board, So Here’s Some Things to Know About Our Newest Teammate

Impeccable customer service is a big part of what we’re known for here at Sneed Coding Solutions, but it wouldn’t be possible without all of our technical service team members. Everyone of the members on our tech team prioritize calls and video meetings to ensure that our customers can not only set their equipment up in a timely manner, but also to clear up any uncertainties that they may have. With Sneed and its departments growing, we figured that it was time to bring another team member on board.

We’re happy to welcome Matthew to the Sneed team and what better way to get to know the newest addition to our team, then to let him tell us a little bit about himself.

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Expand your coding and marking knowledge with us!

Do you struggle with constant coding and marking equipment failures? 

We will share information and success stories about how you can Keep Coding Simple in order to focus your energy and efforts on strategically growing your business. There will be insights from customers and industry experts on the various equipment and technologies available to simplify your complex coding and marking challenges. 

Solutions and applications covered will include:

  • Primary package coding
  • Secondary package coding
  • Handheld coding solutions
  • Printer replacements
  • Porous material coding
  • Non porous material coding

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