All You Need to Know About SNEED-JET® Freedom Inkjet Coders

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Oct 3, 2022 7:43:47 AM


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Believe it or not, marking and coding solutions do not have to cost you an arm and a leg; they also don’t have to cause you a headache. Here at SNEED Coding Solutions we know that all of our SNEED-JET Freedom thermal inkjet coders can be self-installed, self-maintained and they come with a 30-day performance guarantee. In other words, there’s no need for costly maintenance or installation, which means you’re saving yourself money and frustration; also, if our product just isn’t the right fit for you, you can return it within the first 30 days.  

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Everything You Need to Know About The SNEED-JET Titan Inkjet Coders

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Sep 23, 2022 1:38:47 PM

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Are you tired of dealing with inkjet printers that require costly maintenance, tedious clean up routines, and have limited capabilities? Here at Sneed Coding Solutions, we understand just how crucial a role your printer can play on the production line, which is why we strive to #KeepCodingSimple. 

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How It Works: What To Know About Barcodes

Posted by Charles Collins on May 18, 2021 10:26:00 AM

Like so many other helpful devices, it’s very easy to use barcode scanners—but not so simple to understand how they operate. First conceived in 1948 by inventors Bernard Silver and N. Joseph Woodland, the barcode didn’t catch on until the 1970s when supermarket executive Alan Haberman adopted the idea from the then-patent holder IBM.

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How To Use Barcodes for Inventory

Posted by Charles Collins on May 12, 2021 10:18:00 AM

Using barcodes to help manage your inventory is the way to go. Not only do barcodes allow for inventory to be done quicky, but it allows for the job to be done well. They also help with identification of all products and items. If you’re considering adding barcodes to your business, this article is the one for you to get all of your basic information. Read here to get a solid foundational understanding of how to use barcodes for inventory. This information should help you get started on the right foot so that you can use your barcodes sooner rather than later.

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How Barcodes Are Utilized in Healthcare

Posted by Cecilia Barcenas on May 10, 2021 10:16:00 AM

Patient safety is a number one concern in healthcare. One of many identifiable items that helps increase safety for patients everywhere is barcodes. For an inside look at how barcodes are utilized in healthcare, continue reading the material below.

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An Intro To GS1 Label Requirements and If It Matters To You

Posted by Charles Collins on Apr 14, 2021 9:38:00 AM

In every industry, there are established rules and guidelines that outline different elements. For example, each industry has guidelines requiring what information a barcode must include. In addition to those guidelines developed by the industry, there are also GS1 logistic labeling guidelines that must be followed. It is important to note that all of this is done to ensure safety and security for all products being bought and sold between businesses and consumers.

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How To Set Up A Barcode Inventory System

Posted by Charles Collins on Mar 31, 2021 9:41:00 AM

Keeping track of your business’s inventory and having the ability to communicate pertinent product information are two benefits of barcodes. Companies and businesses everywhere utilize barcodes to make their entire system more efficient. Whether you are starting a new business or are looking for expansion options, you must consider utilizing barcodes. Here we explain not only how to set up a successful barcode system, but what that barcode system could bring to you and your business.

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Barcode Print Quality Parameters

Posted by Charles Collins on Mar 23, 2021 8:53:00 AM

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