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Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Oct 14, 2022 9:07:14 AM
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How SNEED Coding Solutions Helped Diller Locker Company Refine Their Product’s Packaging

What Does Diller Locker Company Specialize In? 

Diller Locker was established in 2015 and their mission has always been to “provide their customers with the highest quality processing possible, matched with exceptional service from pen to plate.” In May of 2019, C&C Processing was purchased and integrated into the company, which meant that productivity needed to grow just as fast as the company was doing so at. With Diller Locker priding themselves on keeping up-to-date on advancements in the industry, they knew that they had to do the same when it came to their labeling system as well. 

When Jesse Smith, president of Diller Locker, first contacted Sneed Coding Solutions, it was because they had just begun using a new type of packaging that needed to include a lot code. A lot code, as some of you may recall, is a unique code that manufacturers assign to a group of goods they’ve produced, within a certain time frame, using the same ingredients, parts, or materials. Lot codes are crucial within the meat processing industry because with so many mass-production methods in use, the risk of food contamination is always around, which makes monitoring, tracing, and recalling products essential

Did SNEED-JET Titan T6 Handheld Printer Increase Productivity?

Once again, when Diller Locker first reached out, it was because a new packaging was being introduced and their current printing system wasn’t performing at the standards that were required. Jesse Smith, president of Diller Locker said that the SNEED-JET Titan T6 Handheld printer, “made our prints more consistent and efficient, which provided a better looking package.” Diller Locker’s president also went on to say that, “shipping was very fast, customer service was great, the printer was 100% reliable, and had no issues.”   

Now for the make or break question, did Sneed’s handheld printer increase productivity? According to Mr. Smith, after just 30-short minutes, the printer was ready to be used and now it produces approximately 500 prints on a daily basis. 

SNEED-JET Titan T6 Handheld Features That Can Help Your Business

  • Printer itself is lightweight, compact, portable, and easy-to-use
  • You can print at any angle without having to worry about ink leaking 
  • If you’re continuously printing, then you’ll have approximately 10 hours of battery life; however, if the printer is on standby, then you’ll have 20 hours of battery life. 
  • The materials you can print on range from glass, plastics, metal, concrete, pipe, cardboard, and the same thing applies for different textures. 
  • Just like with other Sneed products, there’s no maintenance required and no service contracts needed.  


Is your packaging missing lot codes, batch codes, bar codes, etc.?

Are you tired of dealing with your current printer, or are you looking to upgrade? 

If you are, then reach out today to see how we can help. 

Like always, we’re #KeepingCodingSimple 


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