Coffee Hound Coffee Co.: Let’s Talk Coding Over a Cup of Joe

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Apr 13, 2023 9:59:50 AM
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Are You Looking for a Printer That Can Add Lot Codes Before You Can Even Finish Brewing a Cup of Coffee?

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What is Coffee Hound Coffee Co.? 

What better way to start off, continue, and end off the day than with a cup of coffee; not only does it get most of us through the day, but it brings us to life in a way. Let’s face it, those early days and long nights can be tough to get through and yet once you have that first cup, or cups (who are we to judge), of coffee it just feels like everything is going to get done and be okay. 

Speaking of coffee, have you ever heard of Coffee Hound Coffee Co.? They happen to be a team of coffee roasters, baristas, certified technicians, and leaders in their field; in addition, they’re veteran founded, certified-women owned, and a Maine made brand. Not to mention that all of the coffee is small farm grown and roasted in small batches, in Maine. We also want to congratulate them for reaching their 10 year anniversary seeing as they were founded back in 2013. 

So, what makes Coffee Hound Coffee Co. stand out in a sea of roasteries and in a rapidly growing industry? Well, according to Coffee Hound, there are three main factors: 

  • Bean Quality 
    • All of Coffee Hound’s Arabica coffee beans are grown at the highest elevation in Ethiopia; this ensures excellent grading, which ensures superior flavor. As a bonus all of the coffee is sourced from small-family coffee farms.
  • Experience 
    • You can rest assured knowing that the coffee produced at Coffee Hound is top tier because each and everyone of their team members is well versed in the industry; once again, they’re classically trained roasters, baristas, certified technicians, etc.     
  • Diverse Products 
    • Coffee Hounds Coffee Co. produces bags, bourbon, and wine barrel aged coffee; they also have single serve cups, single serve pour-overs and cold brew pitcher packs. In addition, their coffee is Kosher pareve certified and mold tested.     

How in Demand is the Coffee Industry? 

With the coffee industry being so in demand, it’s no surprise that Coffee Hound Coffee Co. was in need of a reliable coding solution. Did you know that the global coffee market was valued at $107.93 billion in 2021; it seems like an astronomical amount and yet by 2027 it’s projected to be worth $167.51 billion. According to Globe News Wire

  • “The market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.60% during 2022-2027; it’s due to an increasing out of home coffee consuming population, rapid urbanization, rising e-commerce retail sales and increase in gen Z income.” 

There’s also a demand for Arabica coffee beans, which happens to be the types of beans that Coffee Hound Coffee Co. sources from Ethiopia. Also according to the Global News Wire, 

  • “In 2021, Arabica segment held a major share of more than 57% in the market; Arabica coffee bean types dominates the coffee market owing to the less caffeine content and sweeter taste.” 

What Coding Challenge Was Coffee Hound Facing and How Did Our SNEED-JET® Coder Fix it? 

When Jennifer Litteral, company president, and Chris Keegan, founder and chief visionary, over at Coffee Hound Coffee Co. first reached out to us, the main concern was finding a way to clearly and efficiently add lot codes to their products. Remember, it’s important for lot codes to be present in order to ensure that products can be tracked all throughout the manufacturing process, especially those with recalls and defects. 

After analyzing Coffee Hound Coffee Co. coding challenges, we knew that our SNEED-JET ® thermal-inkjet coder would be the printer to get the job done. So, what kind of improvements did the team over at Coffee Hound notice after adding our technology? 

  • “Setting up the printer was quick and easy and we had it running in a matter of hours, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the great tech services you all have; thanks Mark and Santos.” 

Not only was the equipment easy enough to set up, but our experts here at Sneed are always ready and willing to guide our customers to success; thanks to our SNEED-JET® coder, Coffee Hound Coffee Co. was able to cut down their coding times by 45%. According to them,

  • “The printer has been perfect, top notch” and it’s helped us print as many as 350 to 450 bags twice a week."

While we’re thrilled that Coffee Hound Coffee Co. was able to achieve the results they were after; in our opinion though, the best outcome was being able to help businesses like this one.

  • “Being part of the Sneed Family has now given us the peace of mind that we needed to continue to grow and scale without having to worry about lack of traceability.”     

Why let outdated coding and marking processes cut into your well-deserved coffee breaks? 

Whether you need lot codes, date codes, batch codes, bar codes, logos, etc. our coders can do it in a fraction of the time and cost. 

Our SNEED-JET® thermal-inkjet coders helped Coffee Hound Coffee Co. add lot codes onto their products; wouldn’t you like to be next? 

Like always, we’re #KeepingCodingSimple


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