Meenjet M6 Automatic to the rescue after CIJ fails

Posted by Ken Mogensen on Sep 13, 2019 9:45:00 AM
Ken Mogensen
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Costly downtime from CIJ repair opens the door for Meenjet M6 Automatic printer

Son Vo is the operations manager at Tribute Energy / Tribute logistics in Houston, TX and he had a problem that is all too common for our customers. For the last few weeks, his team had been struggling with their continuous inkjet printer. It had been serviced several times, yet every time it came back fixed it would only be a matter of days before it was down again. 

Tribute is in the commodities business, specifically in plastic raw materials. They connect buyers and sellers of raw materials for plastics manufacturers and it is a time sensitive business. When a customer places an order for several rail cars of product, they expect to have it delivered on time. The plastics are packaged in large sacks for sale and transport which need to have pertinent product information on them before they can ship. This is where the printers come in. 

Son knew they were having problems with their printer but didn't realize how serious they were until they were faced with several orders they were unable to fulfill because they couldn't print! As he knows time is of the essence, he quickly started searching for a stopgap solution so they didn't lose any sales or, worse, damage their reputation with customers as an on time supplier. 

He quickly came across the Meenjet M6 Automatic through our website. After watching several videos, he jumped on our convenient chat function and eventually called to speak with us about his application. He was shocked to find out that the printer's cost was only a fraction of what he paid for their continuous inkjet printer and less than their recent service calls! It sounded too good to be true! 

After discussing the application with him, we were confident the M6 Automatic coding printer would work well for him. He presented the option to his team knowing they had orders that needed to be coded or they would be losing money. He also knew he had a 30 day performance guarantee on the printer if it didn't work out for them.

Son received the approvals he needed to order the printer and picked it up from our corporate office in Spring, TX the same day. They had the printer set up and printing by the end of the day enabling to get orders out for their customers on time. Their continuous inkjet printer will continue to serve as their primary coder but the Meejet M6 Automatic will be ready to be installed at a moment's notice in case they have any more downtime from their continuous inkjet printer. 


Nothing is more rewarding than the success of our customers and a ringing endorsement like this from Son, "I would recommend Sneed Coding Solutions for all your printer needs."

Below is Son's video of the printer in action:
Meenjet M6 Automatic Printer Coding Large Sacks of Plastic Pellets

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