Craft brewer selects SNEED-JET for bottle coding

Posted by Ken Mogensen on May 24, 2019 8:25:00 AM
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Tired of continuous inkjet, brewer tries Meenjet MX1

Last fall we were approached by Rick Lovett, owner of Indian Wells Brewing in sunny California. He was seeking alternatives coding options to replace his continuous inkjet printers. He had been struggling for years with these continuous inkjet printers to print date codes on his glass bottles. Throughout the past decade, he has tried many different brands and OEMs of continuous inkjet printers but all of them had the same service and maintenance headaches. Simply put, they did not provide him the reliability he was looking for. 

When he contacted us, he was in search of an easy to use, affordable and, most importantly, headache free coding option. He also needed color coding options as he fills clear and amber bottles. Traditionally, with his continuous inkjet printers he needed to have two printers with one dedicated to each color. 

After carefully listening to his issues and needs, we recommended our SNEED-JET Titan System for his consideration. The printer utilizes thermal inkjet technology powered by Hewlett-Packard® ink cartridges. Additionally, the same printer can use black and colored inks - switching from one color to the next in less than 30 seconds! SNEED-JET is a fully licensed Hewlett-Packard® technology partner and they have developed a series of printers based on this technology with inline and handheld versions available

Rick decided to try the new technology out with the assurance of our 30 day performance guarantee in the event it did not work to his specifications. A few short weeks after getting the printer, we received word from him that it wouldn't be necessary - he was keeping the printer!

To this day, his email is one of my favorite customer messages I have ever received in my professional career:

"I’ve struggled with $15,000 coders ... for years and thank you baby Jesus I found you guys; 'cause my guys love you!!!  Finally someone figured out how to apply a date code for a reasonable price and is easy to use!!" 

Have you experienced the same pains as this customer? Are you curious to learn more about a break through technology that can eliminate service and maintenance headaches? Call or email us today! 

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