Exciting response to EBS® Handjet launch

Posted by Charles Collins on Sep 19, 2019 10:25:00 AM
Charles Collins
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We launched the Handjet printers from EBS® earlier this year and are thrilled with the initial response from our customers. When we received our first units, I was impressed with how easy they were to set up and start printing. The interfaces are intuitive and easy to understand for even the most novice user of inkjet coders. In fact, they are so easy to understand that most of our technical support and customer training services can be done via phone and email. 

In only a few short months, we have seen a tremendous response from customers translating into shipments of Handjet EBS® portable printers all over the country. The printers are being used across a wide array of industries (including military, aerospace, parts manufacturing, logistics, cruise industry, oil & gas, metal fabrication and many more) for anything you could possibly imagine! We are constantly impressed with the ideas our customers bring to us for projects, and the Handjet EBS® systems are a great solution when seeking a portable coder that can print 1-2 inch tall messages. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit EBS® Inkjet USA headquarters for OEM training on their 250 and 260 portable inkjet printers. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the amazing people that support the EBS® line of Handjet inkjet coders - a special thanks to Brandon, Tim and Chris! Their team provided great insights and technical training to help support our growing install base.  

You may be intimidated by the printer’s industrial look, but there is nothing to fear. We receive very few technical support inquiries on this printer. This speaks highly to the ease of operation and quality of build. Customers are really able to simply pull it out of the case and start printing within minutes!

This is another great example of how we continue our focus on our mission: #KeepCodingSimple! 

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