Genuine Local: Struggling With Batch Coding to Increasing Productivity

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Oct 28, 2022 4:07:23 PM
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How Using SNEED-JET Thermal Inkjet Printers Could Help Increase Your Company’s Productivity

What Was Genuine Local’s Productivity Like Before Sneed?

What happens when consumers are on the verge of creating the next best condiment, fruit preserve, or even beverage, but don’t necessarily have the equipment or space to do so? Product development, production, and packaging can seem like a daunting process; luckily, Genuine Local is a specialty food production facility, in New Hampshire, that provides local makers with the equipment and wares needed to streamline the production process.

Before Genuine Local decided to partner up with Sneed Coding Solutions, Inc., local makers were labeling products ineffectively, especially when it came time to add batch number information. According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, “batch numbers are composed of any distinctive combination of letters, numbers, or symbols, from which the complete history of the manufacture, processing, packing, holding , and distribution of a batch or lot of drug,  product, or other material can be determined.” While some consumers remain oblivious to the existence of batch code information, manufacturers understand just how important it is, especially since it’s a component of product traceability. 

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How Did The SNEED-JET Titan Solve Genuine Local’s Coding Dilemma? 

Mary Macdonald, CEO and Co-Owner of Genuine Local, first reached out to Sneed Coding Solutions, Inc. because they were in need of a batch coding solution that would slide right into their existing workflow line; that’s when she was introduced to the SNEED-JET Titan inkjet coder. This particular thermal inkjet coding machine is excellent for date, lot, batch, and barcoding, as well as for printing logos, QR codes, and much more. 

After adding the SNEED-JET Titan inkjet coder, Mary Macdonald stated, “the addition of the coding equipment was the first step in a flexible, but longer production line; in addition, it has also increased the accuracy, as well as the professionalism of the finished product.” As opposed to local makers having to add batch code information manually, the SNEED-JET thermal inkjet coder is easily producing 300-700 prints per day, according to Genuine Local’s CEO. 

Does Genuine Local Recommend the SNEED-JET Titan Coder?  

Before you start stressing about having to install a “thermal inkjet coder,” Mrs. Macdonald goes on to say that, “installation was fairly straightforward; in fact, the whole process took two-to-three hours, much of which was spent adjusting the equipment’s position and filling it.” In addition, Sneed Coding Solutions, Inc. has provided instructional videos for each of their products, as well as a support team that'll walk you through the installation process or assist you with any issues. 

The CEO and Co-Owner of Genuine Local also goes on to say:

 “We have had challenges getting the coder to read on certain packaging, but customer support has been fabulous and we have overcome the issue. Customer service has definitely been a 10 out of 10 from our perspective.” 

Is your business currently facing a coding dilemma like Genuine Local was? 

Are you ready to put our inkjet coding tech up to the test? 

If you are, then reach out today to see how we can help. 

Like always, we #KeepCodingSimple!!

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