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Posted by Ken Mogensen on Jun 29, 2020 8:45:00 AM
Ken Mogensen
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Orthodontist opts for SNEED-JET® T6 Handheld Printer

Perhaps you're familiar with the heavily promoted Invisalign alternative to those old fashioned braces we all hated growing up. But, did you know there's another new, fast growing alternative using 3D printing!? We recently worked with an orthodontist that offers a unique and innovative new dental alignment therapy. 

Tilghman Orhodontics in Maryland started offering their new Smiles Correct alignment therapy to provide a more specific and individualized treatment for their patients. These innovative new dental aligners are created with the assistance of Tilghman's in house 3D printer! Check out their video to learn more:

Patients visit the clinic to have pictures taken of their upper and lower teeth which are used to 3D print molds of their teeth. These molds are then used to form the custom aligners around them. This provides each patient with the most accurate and precise aligner fit possible. And, it's more cost effective than alternative treatments!

Multiple aligners are prepared for patients that are used based on a predetermined therapy schedule. Tilghman delivers aligners to patients with name and a schedule for each written on the outer package of each set. 

Up until last year, they were handwriting the patient names and schedules on each set. However,  Marketing Manager, Liz Tilghman, never felt that the handwritten information looked right with their branded packaging. She wanted a more professional appearance.  

Like most of us when presented with a challenge, she got on Google and started searching for options. She found the SNEED-JET® T6 Handheld Printer on our website and after watching our various customer success videos she felt like this was exactly what she had been looking for! Liz reached out and spoke with Bryan about her predicament. Bryan assured her it would be a great solution with the incorporation of the Surface Adapter to ensure consistent print positioning. 

Liz's team has been using the printer for over a year now and they love it. I recently spoke with Liz to get some insights on their process and she followed up by sending the video below: 


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