How Does Simplifying Packaging and Coding Increase Efficiency?

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Dec 19, 2022 3:31:08 PM
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SNEED-JET® and SNEED-PACK Equipment are Paving the Way to Automation, to Help You Keep Up With Demand

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Why Should You Turn to Automation?

Outdated coding and packaging processes could be costing you time, money, materials and labor that you’re not even aware of, so what can you do to take control of the situation? We’ve mentioned that automation is the key to driving production and streamlining your coding and packaging processes, but what is it exactly? According to IBM, 

Integration automation drives production, decreases down time, as well as work time; it also increases accuracy and uniformity, all while saving you money. Think about it, if you’re relying on manual labor, then you’re bound to encounter mistakes, longer down times, and lack of consistency, which is why turning to automation could save you in various ways, in the long run. 

Things to Know About Our SNEED-JET® Inkjet Coders

Our mission has always been to #KeepCodingSimple and thanks to our SNEED-JET® inkjet coders we’ve been able to do just that. Our thermal inkjet coders require no costly maintenance contracts; they’re a fraction of the cost compared to other industrial inkjet coding technologies; you don’t have to worry about the equipment experiencing long-term wear and tear; they’re user friendly and can be used for a variety of date coding, lot coding and case printing applications.

Our SNEED-JET® thermal inkjet coders make it possible to comply with traceability requirements, which in turn helps to ensure the safety of the products being sold. In addition, consumers appreciate when information is made readily available to them, so providing clear and precise prints on your products is essential. 

We offer a wide array of thermal inkjet coder lines, each with their own unique advantages; remember, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for your coding needs, so you need to find the inkjet coder that’s the right fit for you. 

Things to Know About Our SNEED-PACK Packaging Equipment

Why stop at simplifying the coding process, when we can also #KeepPackagingSimple? While we just recently expanded into packaging equipment, we have no intentions of slowing down; in fact, in 2023 we’ll be adding our SNEED-PACK case erectors, which are currently available for pre-order, and stretch wrappers, which will be available later in the year. In the meantime, we do have our SNEED-PACK case sealers that are sure to speed up your box sealing process, without wasting material, time, or money. 

With our SNEED-PACK packaging equipment line, you can rest assured that there’ll be no double taping, structurally compromised boxes, or wasted stretch film. In addition, you can accomplish what your workforce does in an entire shift, in a fraction of the time, cost, and with much more precision. 

Just like we believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for coding, the same applies for packaging; you have to find the right packaging equipment for your workflow. 


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