Is Your Current Inkjet Coding System Struggling to Stay Afloat?

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Mar 9, 2023 10:10:13 AM
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Top 6 Reasons to Consider Our Coders for Your Beverage Business

Have you created the next best beverage? If so, what’s stopping you from seeing your product on store shelves? If adding traceability information is the only thing standing in the way of your product and store shelves, then SNEED-JET® thermal-inkjet technology is the solution that you’ve been unknowingly looking for. Adding batch codes, lot codes, date codes, barcodes, timestamps, and other forms of traceability information doesn’t have to be complicated, nor does it have to cost you an arm and a leg, at least not with our technology. 

How are we so confident that our printing technology can help you achieve the next steps in growing your business? We have plenty of can coding and bottle coding application videos that come from businesses just like yours, in case you wanted to see just how simple coding can be. Here are the top-six reasons why our SNEED-JET® coders are the perfect match for the beverage industry. 

  1. Installation and Maintenance is a Breeze 

    How would you like to never have to stress about installing, configuring, or maintaining printing equipment ever again? It sounds too good to be true, but according to Charles Collins, our VP of technical services
      • “Our handheld printers can be up and running within 30-minutes of being taken out of the box; our Titan or inline printers can be installed in as little as 30-minutes and configured in about an hour to two.”

    In less time than you think, our printers can be up and running, but if you do need assistance, our tech team is on standby to help walk you through the process. 

    Not only is installation time shorter than you think, but since our coders don’t have pumps or many moving parts, cartridge care is the only maintenance that you really have to worry about. As long as you cover the cartridge within 5-10 minutes of not being in use and wipe it with those lint-free wipes, then you shouldn’t run into any issues. There’s no flushing out your system or expensive service contracts or extended down times; thermal-inkjet technology is simple and maintenance free. 
  2. Inks Dry at Record Speeds 

    Imagine printing an entire day’s worth of products only to realize that the prints are smeared because the ink didn’t dry fast enough. With thermal-inkjet technology, smeared prints are the last thing you’d have to worry about because our inks dry in three to four seconds. Not only do our inks dry in a matter of seconds, but our ST-301 black ink dries half-a-second to a second faster. No smearing, no messes, no hazardous-overcomplicated cleanup processes, all you’re left with is clear-crisp prints.   
  3. There’s a Variety of Ink Colors to Choose From 

    Have you ever attempted to print on darker bottles and cans only to realize that the ink color you need isn’t available, or that you can’t easily switch colors with your current printing equipment? If you take a look at our Titan inks, there are seven colors to choose from including black, white, red, yellow, blue, green and invisible. Not only do we have a variety of colors to choose from, but it takes less than 30-seconds to switch cartridges in and out.  
  4. Pair SNEED-JET ® Coders with Other Equipment 

    Have you already automated other areas of your manufacturing, processing, and packaging processes? If you’re worried that our SNEED-JET® thermal-inkjet coders won’t be compatible with other equipment, then you can rest assured knowing that you can very well pair up our coders with paging machines, conveyors, twist-rinse cages, label applicators, etc. As long as you can mount the printer onto your equipment and your product can be within 6mm of the printhead’s reach, then producing a clear print should be no problem.               
  5. SNEED-JET Printers Can Reach Tough Spots

    Have you ever tried to print on the bottom of a can only to realize that your printer can’t produce a clear print because the surface is concave or too far away from the printhead? Thanks to our Infinity printer and SI-X30’s extended throw distance capabilities, printing on those hard to reach spots is easier. If you’re using one of our handheld printers and your product’s surface isn’t flat, then using our surface adapter will provide you with enough space to smoothly roll over the surface and produce a clear print. If you have any concerns about the spot you’re trying to code on, just run it by our experts and they’ll let you know whether our coders would be the right fit for you.                       
  6. Printing on the Fly has Never Been Easier  

    All-in-all you don’t have to worry about our inks smearing; you’re not just limited to one or two colors; we have the solution to coding on those hard to reach spots, and all of it can be done in the blink of an eye. Printing on the fly has never been easier, especially with our SNEED-JET® handheld coders, but if you need to switch between handheld and inline capabilities, all you need to do is add an inline conversion kit

You’re just a coder away from seeing your creation on shelves, so what’s holding you back from taking the first steps toward automating or improving your coding and marking processes? When you’ve decided that you’re ready to take the plunge, reach out to one of our experts and they’ll steer you in the direction of the coder that’s right for you. In the meantime checkout our beverage industry page to check out more in-depth specs, success stories, and application videos.        

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