Is Your Date Coding Process Slowing Down Production?

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Dec 1, 2022 12:51:35 PM
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Rising Phoenix Blends Was Struggling As well Until They Started Using a SNEED-JET Inkjet Coder

Getting to Know Rising Phoenix Blends 

Well imagine that, you came here looking for a new labeling or coding system and discovered a new energy-boosting drink in the process. Rising Phoenix Blends is a family-operated company that promotes wellness and health through organic products; they produce 100% CAFFEINE FREE, Organic Kosher, Non-GMO, Vegan, Date Seed Coffee. Their date seed coffee is brewed in small batches to ensure that each consumer receives the perfect flavor profile every time. 

2022 11 - Rising Phoenix

Why Did Rising Phoenix Blends Reach Out to Sneed Coding Solutions? 

With the demand for original date seed coffee increasing and the company wanting to stay true to their original brewing method, Allan Bomzer, founder and CBW of the company knew that their current production lines required some assistance. Mr. Bomzer wanted to find a coder that would fit their needs for “research and development, as well as small to midsize production runs." Another request made clear to us was finding a date coder that was not unnecessarily large or expensive.

With all of these concerns and requests in mind, we set Rising Phoenix Blends up with a SNEED-JET Printer. We understand that everyone's production needs are different, hence why we tailor solutions.  

What Impact Did Our Thermal Inkjet Coders Have on Productivity?

You will never understand the difference SNEED-JET inkjet coders make until you have put one to the test yourself. Take it from Allan Bomzer, “we have no complaints from this unit to date; we have not had any downtime.” 

In addition, “using the coder has enabled us to efficiently date and lot code products clearly, with ease of changing color on the fly based on product needs; the ease of changing colors while simultaneously modifying coding information makes using this unit a breeze.” 

No one likes struggling with equipment setups; luckily, Sneed’s technology is easy to start up and go; hard to believe right? Mr. Bomzer said, “surprisingly this printer was fairly easy to set up. We did experience a slight issue with adjusting the font size, but a quick call with the company tech had us right as rain and off and running.” 

While this might seem too good to be true, Rising Phoenix Blend’s president has nothing but good things to say about the SNEED-JET coders they invested in. 

“In closing, I would like to say the folks over at Sneed Coding Solutions are the best. I would highly recommend them for all of your coding needs. Good equipment, at a value of the cost, coupled with the best customer service I have received from any equipment company in the last five years; give them a call, and you won’t regret it.” 


You know it, we know it, your business’ coding systems need an upgrade.

Optimal production requires efficient equipment and processes

If you're ready to give thermal inkjet technology a chance, reach out today!

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