Pinole Blue Expands In To Retail With The SNEED-JET® Titan T6 Coder

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Dec 13, 2022 3:20:41 PM
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Printing On The Fly Makes Keeping Up a Breeze

Have You Ever Heard About Pinole Blue? 

Believe it or not, “try to keep up” was the first thought that came to mind when reading about Pinole Blue; why you might ask? According to Eddie Sandoval, founder of Pinole Blue, “Our product uses the same ancient ingredients and processes as the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico, an indigenous group famous for their running culture. The Tarahumara drink the roasted ground-blue corn (Pinole) for energy, seeing as though they need it, since they are known for running 50-100 miles a day.” 

Do you understand why “try to keep up” is a valid sentiment? Not only is it because the average person would struggle to run a fraction of what the Tarahumara tribe runs, but because Eddie Sandoval’s existing coding and marking systems could no longer keep up with demand. Here at Sneed Coding Solutions, our objective is to #KeepCodingSimple and that’s exactly what we did for Pinole Blue. 

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What Led Pinole Blue to Sneed Coding Solutions? 

According to Eddie Sandoval the need for change in their existing coding and marking process really occurred after they had been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

  • “Our products really took off; we were not only expanding into retail, but we were transitioning between packaging, specifically to stand-up pouches, so we needed to update our printer.” 

Of course growth is a contributing factor to updating Pinole Blue’s printers, but the type of packaging used is another key factor as well. Let’s stop and think about this for a minute, whenever you’ve purchased a product, have you ever stopped and thought about how simple or complicated it must have been to get traceability information printed on it?

Let’s be honest, the majority of us hardly ever pay attention to the information that’s printed, let alone the type of packaging it comes in; however, that’s not to say it’s irrelevant on the contrary, according to Bakery and Snacks,  

  • “ Coding is one aspect of the packaging workflow that is rarely taken into account when a pack is conceived, even though clear and correct batch codes, use by dates and traceability codes are essential when supplying the retail market.”
  • “Some packs are inherently awkward to code - perhaps because the area coded is in a hard-to-reach corner of the pack or because handling issues make it difficult for the pack to be presented squarely and consistently to the coding device.” 

In order for Pinole Blue to have been able to expand into retail, it was necessary to find a printer that could give them the freedom to print on stand-up pouches and keep up with demand, that’s where our SNEED-JET ® Titan T6 comes into play. 

Was The SNEED-JET ® Titan T6 Able To Keep Up? 

Our handhelds have always been a customer favorite and it’s no surprise since their versatility is so appealing. Eddie Sandoval has put our Titan T6 to the test, so was it able to keep up, or does it need a cup of Pinole? 

  • “We have had great success with our Sneed printer and now I know why everyone I asked a printer suggestion from pointed me to Sneed… We were able to get it setup and going after a couple of hours, thanks to the videos online.” 

Not only did Mr. Sandoval and his team not struggle to set their equipment up, but they also went on to say that, 

  • “The printer has been great once we got the hang of it; in fact, we’re now able to produce 250 to 500 prints per week…The printer has helped our packaging not only be retail ready, but it has also helped us improve the documentation format of our production operation” 

Are you tired of outdated inkjet printers not being able to keep up with your production demands? 

Do you need a coder that can help you print on the fly?

If we can keep up with Pinole Blue, we can definitely keep up with you.  

Like always, we’re #KeepingCodingSimple

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