Reiner jetStamp fits the bill for Bubba's Sweet Nectar

Posted by Ken Mogensen on Sep 5, 2019 9:30:00 AM
Ken Mogensen
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REINER jetStamp 792MP Date Coding Bottles of Honey

Honey company needed a semi-automatic coding solution for their honey bottles

Christopher Keith, also known as Bubba of Bubba's Sweet Nectar, was searching for a date coding solution for his honey jars. However, he had not yet implemented a full scale production line that could utilize a standard, fix position inkjet date coder. As such, he was in search of an easy to use, portable and semi-automatic handheld inkjet coder 

Upon speaking with us, he reviewed the Meenjet M6 Handheld and the Reiner jetStamp printers. They are both portable thermal inkjet coding printers with the major difference being how they print. The M6 Handheld printer requires the operator to slide the printer across the surface being printed whereas the jetStamp printers have a self traversing printhead that moves back and forth across the printed surface. 

After evaluating both printers closely, Bubba settled on the jetStamp due to the traversing printhead design. He felt that this would prove more efficient and be quicker for an operator to date code several cases of honey jars at a time. 

Since implementing the new portable inkjet coder from Reiner, Bubba has seen a significant increase in the date coding production process. As growth continues, he will be considering more automated inkjet coding solutions like the Meenjet M6 Automatic or MX1 printers for his conveyors. Until then, he is thrilled with the jetStamp's performance and the increased efficiency he has achieved. 

"The  Handheld 790 MP offers us the flexibility to quickly change the stored print settings to match the lot codes or best buy dates to meet all of our clients needs.  Since we offer private label honey and private bottling services for clients, the small fill orders require a handy, adaptable and portable way to meet regulatory coding requirements on products."

Christopher Keith, Bubba's Sweet Nectar

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