Can Our SNEED-JET® Coders Handle Multiple Coding Applications?

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Jun 1, 2023 8:49:17 AM
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WCD Meets Your Design, Production and Fulfillment Needs; Here’s How We Met Their Coding Needs.  

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What is WCD Fulfillment Known for? 

Why stress about having to shop around for packaging solutions when WCD is a one-stop shop for corrugated boxes, inserts, displays, and fulfillment; they specialize in facilitating business for brokers and distributors. WCD is also a proud premier supplier of trap packs, blister packs, display skirts, and so much more. According to WCD Fulfillment, creating design and packaging solutions that still meet those critical deadlines that you have with club stores and national chains is the top priority. 

How does WCD Fulfillment manage to operate like a well-oiled machine? Well, there are four steps in their workflow that a customer and product must go through before everything is said and done. 

  • Before any production begins, customers talk with a team member from the customer service department; at this stage, the client will address their corrugated box, insert, display, and fulfillment needs. 

  • Then the client will move on to working with one of the structural designers; at this point in the stage, possible creative designs will be provided; here, the customer must decide what design will help sell their product, and this meeting can either be done in person or online. 

  • After all, concerns have been addressed, and a design has been selected, production begins. There’s no need to worry about quality seeing as though WCD Fulfillment has the equipment necessary to produce high-quality prints, laminate, die cut, and provide specialty adhesive. 

  • In the end, WCD Fulfillment offers to fully pack out for kitting and assembly, as well as secured storage for the inventory that is being packed. Once again, there’s no need to stress about the whereabouts of your products at this stage because all the ins and outs of inventory are provided in a weekly report. 

What Did Our SNEED-JET® Equipment Do for WCD? 

WCD Fulfillment had and continues to have its hands full, but after finding our SNEED-JET ® thermal-inkjet printers, managing the workload became much more possible. According to Jeanne Lincoln, a sales and fulfillment manager at WCD Fulfillment,

  • “We were looking for a printer that could add lot codes onto retail packaging; luckily, we came across these SNEED-JET ® coders, along with some conveyors that we now use to print lot codes, before we feed the packaging through an automatic shrink wrap system.” 

While these thermal-inkjet coders might have been a “little tricky” to set up in the beginning, with the help of the online videos, they were up and running in no time, not to mention that the conveyor itself was easy to set up. Jeanne Lincoln also goes on to say, 

  • “The printer and conveyor are an integral part of the streamlined production line for packaging products into retail packaging; so far, we’ve had no delays or problems with the printer; in fact, we’re now able to produce approximately 6,500 prints per day.” 

Why Should You Choose SNEED-JET Thermal-Inkjet Coding? 

Who has the time or money to be relying on outdated-unreliable printing systems? Coding and marking systems don’t have to be complicated or outrageously expensive; our systems certainly aren’t, and here’s how we keep it that way: 

  • There are no costly service contracts or technicians required 
  • There’s no long-term wear and tear on parts 
  • Our equipment is only a fraction of the cost compared to our competitors 
  • Our coders are beginner friendly; in addition, we have plenty of online resources 
  • Sneed experts are always at the ready to help you with any issues or questions

With our SNEED-JET® thermal-inkjet coders, you can increase production, while driving down worktimes and cost, and all you have to do is make the switch.

WCD is committed to being second to none when it comes to providing packaging and design solutions, so why should it be any different when it comes to selecting a coding solution?  

If you’re working with multiple packaging applications and need a coding solution that can keep up, then it’s time to consider a SNEED-JET® coder. 

Don’t settle for costly-inefficient printing technology when you can talk to our experts and see if thermal-inkjet technology is the right fit for you. 

Like always, we’re #KeepingCodingSimple


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