SNEED-JET Titan Inkjet Coder Increases Productivity, Without Sacrificing Quality

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Sep 17, 2022 3:53:28 PM
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What Problem Was Dillonades Facing Before SNEED-JET Titan Printer?   

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, right? Well, this mother-son duo did just that in the Summer of 2020 and ended up with a thriving freshly-squeezed, fruit-infused lemonade that the world just seemed to love. However, with the business growing at an exponential rate and Dillonade’s expanding into the supermarket industry, Tiffany Green, CEO of Dillonades, decided it was time to reach out to the professionals here at Sneed Coding Solutions, Inc. 

278025440_5163502880355531_3171553534145013856_nTiffany knew that expanding into the supermarket arena meant that Dillonades would have to find a way to not only stand out, but maintain an official look. While other companies would have jumped at the opportunity to make a pretty penny off of Dillonades, Sneed Coding Solutions proposed a thermal-inkjet coding printer that would produce a quality expiration date, without breaking the bank. SNEED-JET Titan Printers do so much more than just print date codes, they’re also great for lot codes, batch codes, barcodes, printing logos, and much more. 


Is SNEED-JET Titan Printer Easy to Use and Reliable?

Some consumers hear the words “inkjet coding” and immediately think that setting up a piece of new equipment is going to give them a headache; however, Tiffany Green goes on to say that, “the printer was very easy to install once I watched a video.” In addition, SNEED-JET Titan printers call for “Zero” service and “Zero” maintenance, but if you do manage to find yourself needing help, then their service team is there to help you out along the way. Tiffany Green also goes on to say, “whenever I run into an issue it’s solved ... and the reps are patient enough to walk me through every step.” 

Sneed Coding Solutions, Inc. has made it a priority to take their consumer’s needs into account and as a result instructional videos, manuals, and guides are all just a click away. The company is so confident in the products they produce that they have no issue standing by their 100% satisfaction guaranteed statement. Running a business is stressful as it is, so it’s essential to partner up with a company that’ll do the most to give you some peace of mind. 


What Choosing a SNEED-JET Titan Printer Could do for Your Business

If your business is anything like Dillonades, then you know that handling a booming business comes with a new set of challenges, one of which includes printing barcodes, expiration dates, lot codes, etc. on your product packaging. While a mom and pop shop operation could handle applying all of this information by hand, would you really be willing to do that for a warehouse full of inventory? 

Tiffany Green says, “prior to the printer we were applying adhesive expiration dates by hand, on each bottle, but after receiving the printer our productivity has increased by 100%.” The only regret that Dillonade’s CEO has, was that she didn’t purchase the conveyor belt, which would have made the inkjet coding process even more efficient. 

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