Thermal Inkjet Coding with Extended Reach Ability

Posted by Richard Turner on May 14, 2021 9:00:00 AM
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Thermal Inkjet Coding Technology Breakthrough: Extended Reach Ink Cartridge for Date Coding Concave and Hard to Reach Surfaces.

Since its introduction into coding and marking many years ago, thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology has steadily expanded its market presence with incremental technology and ink innovations. Originally, thermal inkjet coders were only used as case coders due to the limited ink options - essentially, only water based inks for porous surfaces like master cases. The last few years have seen an expanding of applications due to new ink cartridge innovations allowing for more aggressive, solvent based inks. These new inks made it possible to install TIJ coders into all types of applications from bottle coding to various types of plastics and much more! While ink formulations contributed to an increase in potential installations and applications for the technology, the throw distance was still a limiting factor.

Throw distance is how far the ink can travel from the print head to the surface being printed. Traditional TIJ cartridges have a limit of 6mm, or a quarter inch, and that's not much wiggle room! This made some applications out of the realm of possibility for TIJ coders - applications like date coding on the bottom of a beverage can or lot coding a plastic container with a deep edge or lip on it. 

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Until now, that is! Leading global TIJ ink cartridge manufacturer, Funai, has introduced their new extended throw distance thermal inkjet ink cartridge. The new ink cartridge offers an extended throw distance for date coding hard to reach surfaces - up to 10mm, nearly half an inch from the print head! Need to date code those beverage cans? Not an issue anymore. Need to print on a weird angle? Easy!

And because it’s a TIJ technology, the benefits of no maintenance, low cost, and ease of use are there as well. Combining this innovative new thermal inkjet cartridge with all the major benefits to using TIJ coding printers is a huge advantage for manufacturers looking to increase efficiency and keep costs down. With the benefits of no maintenance and simple operation, plus the added breakthrough of a true fast-drying ink with an extended throw distance, the SNEED-JET Infinity with the Funai powered SI-x30 Extended Throw Distance ink cartridge is the perfect industrial coder for practically any industrial inkjet coding application. 

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