Tips for Buying Case and Pallet Marking and Coding Systems

Posted by Cecilia Barcenas on Oct 14, 2020 9:45:40 AM
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Tips for Buying Case and Pallet Marking and Coding Systems

Purchasing machinery and equipment for your business is an aspect that individuals do not take lightly. Knowing not only the details of what you want the equipment to achieve but also the specific requirements you need in order to achieve that result is necessary. Specifically, when browsing case and pallet marking and coding systems, you need to know the ins and outs of every aspect in order to make the proper purchase for your company and product. The following guide includes tips for buying case and pallet marking and coding systems. Let’s get educated!

Know the Details of the Project

This is a key element when purchasing any equipment. Equipment is expensive, and you do not want to spend your money on the wrong piece of machinery that won’t perform correctly for your desired task. Understanding the job that the equipment needs to successfully perform is key to making an educated purchase, as it will allow you to purchase the best device for your product. Buying case and pallet marking and coding systems is no different.

Not only should you consider what type of materials you will be marking and printing on, but you will also need to consider how fast you want to complete the prints, the quality of the printing, and whether you will need to print items such as graphics or barcodes. You need to make a decision on all these elements in order to make the correct purchase, as there are different options available that may best fit your needs.

Fit It Into the Production Line

Before purchasing a large piece of marking and coding system equipment, you should have an area in mind for where you will place the equipment. It would make such a mess if you bought a product and didn’t plan where it was going to be located ahead of time. There is a perfect science to the production line and how it works, so making plans to ensure everything will fit perfectly and run smoothly is an absolute must.

Adding to your product line but not planning the more intricate details could ultimately cause you to lose money. Anytime something halts your production line, you are losing time and money, both of which are valuable items. It’s far better to have a plan from the beginning, as it will allow you to budget for the time and money you may lose during the duration of the changes.

Plan Out the Package

Not only should you plan out where this piece of equipment will go in the production, but you should also consider where you are going to place the prints on the packages, pallets, or cases. This should not be an afterthought.

Making this aspect an afterthought may cause you to overlook the inclusion of this important information in a highly beneficial location on the package. You want to make sure this information is easily accessible and useful to whoever needs it. Taking into consideration the type of package in question, how it will be transported, and where it ends up is all necessary when making this decision. Again, you want the package to be easy and accessible so individuals can read all the markings and coding that have been printed on it. If this isn’t done correctly, it is only going to cause additional problems.

Look Into Your Options

Different marking and coding systems work better for different projects and jobs. Researching and educating yourself on the best uses for different marking and coding systems allows you to find the best product for your purposes. Some printers don’t work well when printing logos on packages, while others may not do well with printing barcodes. Because of this, knowing exactly what you are looking for is extremely important. Not only will researching your options ensure you buy a system that can complete the necessary task in the best possible quality, but it will also help you find the most cost-effective option for your needs.

When looking into your options, it is also important to not just consider the system itself, but also the other supplies you will need to use for the device, how often you will need to maintain it needs, and whether you will need to train your employees on how to use it. You should consider all these points and more in order to make an educated decision on which case and marking system you should purchase.

Calculate Operating Costs

It is important to know all the details of a system before you make a purchase, but perhaps the most important detail to consider is the overall cost. It’s important to note, of course, that the cost of the machine or system itself isn’t always the only cost that is going to come into play. In addition to looking at the initial cost, you should also consider the cost of ownership over time, including any maintenance and supplies the system will need in the future. Being able to factor in the operation costs into the total price will help you make a solid decision for you and your company.

Nobody wants to make an uneducated decision, especially when it comes to money. Look at all the details and small aspects of these devices to find the ideal and most affordable option for you.

Picking Your Coding and Marking System

Deciding that you are going to buy a case and pallet marking and coding system is the first big choice that you will make in this process. Yet an even larger decision is what product or system you are ultimately going to buy. While there are many factors to consider and look into, the perfect system for your company is out there, and with the help of this article, you can find it.

Whether you have decided that you need a case coding printer or an industrial size thermal inkjet printer, we have the right product for you at Sneed Coding Inc. Check out our website and call us today to speak with one of our professionals. After following these tips for buying case and pallet marking and coding systems, we can help you get started on the selection process. Our associates will help you find exactly what you need for your company, so you can #keepCodingSimple.

Tips for Buying Case and Pallet Marking and Coding Systems


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