Titan T6 Shows Welding Company the Bright Side of Part Marking

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Apr 13, 2023 8:10:47 AM
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You Wouldn’t Settle for Welding That Wouldn’t Hold Up Right, So Why Settle for Inefficient Part Marking?

Why do Welds Require Traceability Codes? 

Would you believe us if we told you that industries like welding and fabrication require traceability codes as well? While you might be more accustomed to seeing date codes, lot codes, and batch codes on perishable goods, they’re not exclusive to the food and beverage industry; in fact, every industry has their own regulations and specifications that have to be met to ensure the safety of their consumers. According to Weld Trace, “Weld mapping is the process of assigning information to a weld joint for the purpose of production as well as traceability…Weld mapping is also another term for weld tracking or welding traceability.” So, a weld map helps to ensure traceability, but what kind of information can you expect to find? 

  • Design (WPS)
  • Production (welders, their qualifications, date welded)
  • Quality (visual inspection, NDE)
  • Drawing and item number
  • Materials joined (heat numbers of materials and batch numbers of welding filler material)   

Just like traceability codes aren’t exclusive to the food and beverage industry, neither are recalls, which is why documenting the process is so important. “With an increase in compliance requirements from clients, regulators, and insurance companies, it is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ you need to set up a welding management quality system and start to do weld mapping.

T6 Welding

What's Part Marking Like Before and After SNEED-JET®? 

The majority of welding companies that reach out to us, are working with tight deadlines, which means that they have little to no room for inefficient marking processes. In fact, it’s safe to say that this industry is known for delivering on time thanks to its precise practices; this is why you’ll see companies switching from stamps and ink pads to SNEED-JET ®TIJ part marking printers.  With TIJ technology, you can print on a variety of surfaces and materials all within a matter of seconds; this comes in handy when you’re fabricating and welding so many different kinds of products. 

One of the welding companies that had reached out to us was having difficulty finding a printer that could handle a range of materials like steel, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. After speaking with our experts, the company selected the SNEED-JET ® Titan T6 printer; not only is this handheld ideal for printing on a variety of surfaces, but because it’s portable, it makes printing on those tough spots possible; that’s with the addition of our surface adapter of course.  

After integrating the Titan T6 into their workflow, one of the their teammates went on to say,

- “We use the printer on a weekly basis and we’ve had no issues at all. The installation was super simple; it took 10-minutes, tops. Not only has it solved our issue, we’ve also been able to expand our service offering.” 

What better handheld printer to deliver precision on time than our SNEED-JET ® Titan T6; it’s helped endless consumers print on the fly and it’s all thanks to thermal inkjet technology. The last thing that welding and fabrication companies would ever have to worry about is the ink smearing because the ink dries in 2-3 seconds; plus, titan inks adhere to an endless amount of surfaces. If our SNEED-JET ® thermal inkjet handheld part marker could help an industry as precise as welding, then imagine what it could do for your coding and marking process.     

Both welding companies and Sneed Coding Solutions can agree that “precision delivered on time” goes hand in hand with part markers that can print on the fly.   

Are you looking for a part marking solution that can handle a variety of surfaces and materials?   

Our SNEED-JET® Titan T6 has helped the welding industry meet customer requirements for part marking; what will it help you accomplish?  

Like always, we’re #KeepingCodingSimple

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