Unleashing the Power of the SNEED-JET® Titan T6 Handheld Printer

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Jul 3, 2023 1:34:05 PM
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From Ramps to Rotations: Customer-Driven Innovations with the SNEED-JET® Titan T6


Welcome to the realm of boundless innovation and productivity with the SNEED-JET® Titan T6 Handheld Portable Printer. Get ready to witness a world of creative solutions and ingenious techniques as we explore captivating customer-submitted application videos. Join us on this journey as we delve into the real-world applications of the Titan T6 Handheld Portable Printer and discover how it has become a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re new to the world of coding and marking and looking for a simple way to add coding information to your products, or you’re looking for a way to correct coding errors, the SNEED-JET® Titan T6 can get the job done. 

Efficient Jar Printing with a Surface Adapter

Discover the ingenious way customers have enhanced printing efficiency with the Titan T6 Handheld Portable Printer by creating ramps to feed jars. This innovative approach eliminates the need to manually code each jar. Instead, a specially designed ramp guides the jars downwards, allowing the operator to effortlessly print information by rolling the Titan T6 across a surface adapter. This remarkable technique showcases how customers can effectively utilize a handheld printer and surface adapter together. But why was a surface adapter necessary in this application? Typically, a surface adapter is used to ensure the handheld printer has enough space to produce high-quality prints, especially when printing on uneven surfaces. In the accompanying video, you can observe how the customer cleverly positioned the surface adapter at the base of the ramp, enabling smooth ink ejection as they slide the printer back and forth.     

Time-Saving Bottle Inversion for Date Coding

In the video, we can observe a customer inverting their bottles, allowing them to add date codes, lot codes, or other traceability codes to the bottom of the product. By adopting this approach, the customer eliminates the need for a time-consuming process of grabbing the product, aligning the printer, and then printing. Instead, they simply position the surface adapter and print, seamlessly moving from one product to the next within seconds. To ensure clarity and legibility on the dark surface of the bottle, a clear white ink is used. Furthermore, the Titan T6's touchscreen enables easy programming of all required text or information, with the added convenience of date codes automatically rolling over without the need for daily changes. And yes, it is indeed possible to print on curved surfaces with the Titan T6, as long as the surface adapter is utilized and the product is securely held in place.

Streamlined Can Date Coding with a Custom Solution

We recently received an application from a micro-brewer, who happens to be one of our frequent customers. In this particular case, the micro-brewer needed to date code a large number of cans. Instead of undertaking the tedious task of coding them individually, the brewer came up with a clever solution. They ingeniously rigged two pieces of plywood to create a tunnel-like structure where the surface adapter rests on top. This setup allows the cans to be funneled through the tunnel, ensuring efficient and streamlined printing. It's another remarkable example of our customers adapting and optimizing the use of our surface adapter to enhance their operations.

Workstation Setup for Easy Product Printing

Our customer managed to create a highly-efficient, yet simple workstation by mounting their surface adapter to the edge of their table. Now they can effortlessly insert the ink cartridge, select the desired print file, and then grab a product, placing it underneath the surface adapter for printing. Gone are the struggles of handling the product, securing the surface adapter, and maneuvering the T6 over the item. This innovative solution has effectively addressed those challenges.

Now, let's address the minimum roll distance required for printing; the roll distance depends on the length of your message. For relatively small messages like date codes or lot codes, a mere 4-6mm of space is sufficient. To demonstrate the printer's capabilities, we have successfully printed on a chapstick tube, which exemplifies the incredibly small size of the object. In such instances, precision and care are paramount, but achieving the desired result is indeed possible.

Simplified Jar Date Coding

While it's generally recommended to use a surface adapter when printing on irregular surfaces, there are exceptions. In this informative video, an individual demonstrates an alternative approach to date-coding makeup jars. Instead of holding the printer manually, they have cleverly configured it to activate the encoder. By sliding the product over the wheels, a print is instantly generated. This straightforward method proves that a surface adapter may not be necessary if you can replicate this setup.

We know that finding the right coding and marking equipment can be challenging, especially for prints such as this one, which is why we want you to experience peace of mind with our 30-Day Performance Guarantee.  We offer you a generous 30-day window from the date of purchase to thoroughly test and evaluate our printer. Take the time to assess its performance and suitability for your specific needs. If, within this period, you determine that it's not the right fit for you, simply return it to us for a refund. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we want to ensure you have ample time to make an informed decision.

Cylindrical Product Printing with Precision

Witness an impressive application in this captivating video, where the customer seamlessly navigates a cylindrical product by harnessing the printer's functionality. By placing the Titan T6's printhead on the product's surface and triggering the print, they skillfully rotate the item, allowing the information to be added as it revolves.

While a surface adapter wasn't needed for the first metallic cylinder, it becomes essential for the second metallic pipe as they aim to print across its surface, rather than on the curve. Notably, the customer has ingeniously marked their surface adapter to ensure precise alignment with the desired print position. As for the resolution capabilities of the Titan T6, it impresses with a maximum of 300 DPI. The logos and prints are monochrome without grayscale, and a half-inch print represents the tallest achievable height. Additionally, leveraging this resolution, barcodes and QR codes can be flawlessly printed

Converting to an Inline Printer for Increased Production

When production demands increase, our inline printer conversion kit enables seamless transformation from a handheld printer into an inline printer. Witness how the customer effortlessly converts the Titan T6 using our conversion kit and pairs it with our reliable dual-guide rail conveyor. The products are loaded onto the conveyor and guided towards the printer, where information such as lot codes, date codes, and batch codes are added. The conversion kit includes an external product detector, which efficiently senses the presence of products as they traverse the conveyor. As soon as the sensor detects a product, it triggers the printer to produce the necessary information.

The SNEED-JET® Titan T6 Handheld Portable Printer has proven to be an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency in the coding and marking processes. From the use of ramps and surface adapters for rapid printing on jars to inverted bottle printing for streamlined coding, each video demonstrates how the Titan T6 addresses unique challenges and enhances productivity.

In conclusion, the SNEED-JET® Titan T6 Handheld Portable Printer empowers businesses to unleash their creativity and optimize labeling processes. The customer-submitted application videos have revealed the immense value and adaptability of this innovative printing solution, making it a game-changer for businesses seeking efficiency, accuracy, and enhanced productivity in their labeling operations. With the Titan T6, businesses can confidently embark on their labeling journey, confident in the knowledge that they have a reliable and versatile tool at their disposal.


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