What All Great Supply Chains Have in Common

Posted by Ken Mogensen on Jun 30, 2021 10:11:00 AM
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What All Great Supply Chains Have in Common

Business owners should learn what all great supply chains have in common so they can emulate their behaviors in their own processes. Only by learning from the best can we ever hope to become our best.

Consistent Leadership

Companies with high-quality supply chains benefit immensely from longstanding senior leadership. A study into companies with top-performing supply chains has shown that many have had only one or two leaders throughout the past three decades of management. Strong leaders have a consistent vision, which is exactly the sort of guiding light that makes for exceptional supply chains.


Although consistency is an admirable quality in a supply chain, it’s essential that a business adapt and change its processes as the moment calls for it. At any time, for instance, an employee might need to alter their fulfillment routes to assist crucial partners. What all great supply chains have in common is they train employees on how to be ready for those last-minutes shifts. By planning for consistency but preparing for flexibility, supply chain leaders can bring out the best in their systems.

Pursue Data Insights

Supply chain managers benefit from a field that is entirely measurable. Managers are able to judge the progress of their supply chains by analyzing the time it took to get from point A to point B, how many products spoiled along the way, and how much unsold inventory remained. These metrics, and dozens more, are used by supply chain managers to study their field and devise insights. Through data analyses, supply chain leaders can tweak and improve upon their work as they continue forward.

Adoption of New Technology

As with nearly any field, leaders in supply chains must constantly improve their technology, or they run the risk of being outdated. Tools such as the handheld printer make it simpler and quicker for supply chains to put the pertinent information on packaging. Advancements in artificial intelligence and cloud computing have also made strides in the supply chain world. All this helps #KeepCodingSimple.

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