What is Sneed Coding Solutions Up to at Pack Expo?

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Oct 25, 2022 4:43:36 PM
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Here’s Everything You Can Expect to See at Our Booth and From Our Experts


The countdown is finally over, Pack Expo is finally here and so is Sneed Coding Solutions. You already know that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to showcase some of our newest series that are helping consumers, just like you, #KeepCodingSimple. We said it before and we’ll say it again, we want each and everyone of you to stop by, test our most popular handheld printers, and ask our experts what we can do for you.  

Pack Expo goes by quickly, so if you haven’t dropped by just yet, you still have another day; if you couldn’t make it this year though, then here’s a brief rundown of everything that’s been going on in the past couple of days. 

What Did Sneed Coding Solutions Bring Along to Pack Expo?

We have so many great coder series that it was hard to narrow down which ones we’d be bringing along to Pack Expo; however, we managed to select a couple of coders from our SNEED-JET ® Infinity series, Titan series, Freedom series, and Handheld series. 

SNEED-JET ® Infinity Series 

  • Our SNEED-JET ® Infinity coder is great for whenever you need that extra throw distance because the SI-x30 ink cartridge has an extended throw distance of up to 10mm. In addition, you can control your Infinity coders from a control room, laptop, or any remote location; the point is, you don’t have to make adjustments in person. Like with all of our coder series, there’s no maintenance required and this system can be self installed. 

    • SNEED-JET Infinity 

SNEED-JET ® Titan Series

  • Our Titan series are the preferred coders whenever you’re in need of printing date codes, lot codes, and batch codes; in addition, you can also print barcodes and logos. Also, if you’re looking for a coder that allows you to swap out ink easily, then our Titan series would be ideal for you because you can swap inks in as little as 30 seconds. Lastly, maybe one print head isn’t enough, no worries we understand, which is why our Titan coders are available with one, two, or even four printheads.
    • SNEED-JET Titan Printer 
    • SNEED-JET Titan 21 One-Inch Inkjet Coder 
    • SNEED-JET Titan 22 Dual Head Inkjet Coder 
    • SNEED-JET Titan 41 Inkjet Coding Printer 

SNEED-JET ® Freedom Series 

  • Just as the name suggests, the SNEED-JET ® Freedom series provides consumers with the freedom to switch between a conveyor mounted coder or a portable handheld coder. Consumers are also free to print on what seems to be an endless variety of substrates like, glass, plastic, metal, textile, pipe, concrete, and so much more. Why get tied up with service costs or equipment downtimes, when you could be free thanks to no maintenance and self-installation? 

    • SNEED-JET Freedom Printer 
    • SNEED-JET Freedom 21 Two-Inch Case Coder 
    • SNEED-JET Freedom 22 Dual Head Case Coder 

SNEED-JET ® Handheld Series 

  • We’ve saved the best for last because like always, our handheld series is absolutely dominating at Pack Expo! Not only is the handheld series a crowd favorite, but it gives you printing power right in the palm of your hand; it also gives you the ability to print on the fly. Don’t let its size fool you, our portable handheld series can easily print on glass, plastic, metals, textile, concrete and so much more; like the saying goes, “great things come in small packages.”  

    • SNEED-JET ® Titan T6 Handheld Printer 
    • SNEED-JET ® Titan T7 Handheld Printer 
    • SNEED-JET ® Freedom Handheld Printer 
    • Handjet EBS-260 Printer 

What do Our Experts Have to Say About This Years Pack Expo?

You may have read our rookie’s perspective on Pack Expo, but what do some of our experts have to say about this year’s Pack Expo; are there any noticeable differences in our consumers; are our handheld printers still the most popular; or why do you enjoy Pack Expo so much? 

Santos Maltez, our National Account Manager for the West Coast said, 

  • “It’s been cool talking to different consumers; it’s always interesting to hear different points of views and problems. In addition, this year I’ve been interacting with more consumers from Latin America; I have definitely found myself speaking more in Spanish than in previous years.” 

Tom Anderson, our National Account Manager for the East Coast said, 

  • There have been more resellers than usual and I’ve also noticed that our conversations have also been lasting a lot longer than previous years. In fact, before Pack Expo, I actually visited a couple of clients in Chicago and had no cancellations.” 

Ken Mogensen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, 

  • It’s always great to come to these shows and to get to interact with consumers, whether they’re already customers or potential clients; in addition Pack Expo is a great opportunity to see old friends and catch up.” 

Pack Expo provides individuals with more than just the opportunity to see the newest technological innovations; it’s truly about identifying obstacles and the most effective solutions, all while making meaningful connections. You never know who you’re going to meet because you definitely encounter individuals from all walks of life and across all different industries; it’s part of what makes Pack Expo so interesting. 

Are You Ready to Tune Into SNEED-CAST? 

Just like we were counting down the days to Pack Expo, we’re now eagerly awaiting the release of our first ever SNEED-CAST episode. We don’t want to give it all away, but we’ve included a little sneak peek at what’s to come from our latest series venture, so make sure to watch our short preview, look out for those emails, and keep an eye out on our YouTube channel.

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