Top 3 Customer Videos of SNEED-JET Titan In Action

Posted by Alexa Marmolejo on Sep 23, 2022 1:43:05 PM
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See Our SNEED-JET Titan Series Installed Across a Variety of Industries 

Correct us if we’re wrong, but there’s nothing like seeing a product in action to determine if it’ll really perform as it's supposed to. Here at Sneed Coding Solutions, we understand that seeing is believing and that’s why we urge each and everyone of you to take a look at these videos, submitted by actual Sneed customers, in which our tech is hard at work. Within the videos you’ll notice just how simple it was for business owners to add in the SNEED-JET Titan printer into their existing setups. 

Provincial Spirits' Video of the Sneed-JET Titan Date Code Printer

For the most part, date codes and lot codes are usually printed in black ink. That’s not to say that inkjet coding doesn’t come in other colors because trust us, it does; what we’re trying to say is that other inkjet coding technologies don’t make it as easy to switch out ink colors as we do. With the SNEED-JET Titan series, you can swap printing colors in as little as 30 seconds; you have seven options to choose from, ranging from black, white, yellow, red, green, blue, and invisible inks depending on the material. 

For Provincial Spirits' kombucha, you can see that the company decided to use white ink due to the beverage’s coloration. It’s important to take your product’s packaging characteristics into account, so that you can produce the most legible date code or lot code possible.

Fake Meats, LLC's Video of the SNEED-JET Titan Inkjet Coding Printer

In Fake Meats LLC's video, they were giving us a glimpse of their pouch filling machine, which then transitioned to seeing the belly of the beast, where we could see the SNEED-JET Titan printer hard at work date coding. Something interesting to note about the video is the way that the product is being printed; typically the printhead itself remains stationary, but in this instance the company has attached it to a traversing mechanism, which moves the printhead from one side of the product to the other. It’s quite apparent just how adaptive Sneed’s technology really is; it doesn’t take much to integrate it into your existing production setup.

Granola Factory’s Video of the Sneed-JET Titan Inkjet Coder

In the Granola Factory’s video, you can see the more traditional approach to inkjet coding, in which the printhead and contrast photo eye remain stationary, installed on a flow wrapper. Toward the end, the operator showcases a clean and crisp date code, which is exactly what you can expect to get from the SNEED-JET Titan Series. There’s no need to worry about lengthy drying times when all it takes is 1-2 seconds or less, so you can confidently say goodbye to smudging or blurry markings.

You might also be wondering what’s the purpose of the contrast color eye, it’s simply to detect the difference in white and colored light and send a print signal to the controller. The last thing you would want to be dealing with is prints missing the indicated information spot. 

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