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Posted by Bryan Sneed on Oct 30, 2019 1:15:00 PM
Bryan Sneed
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These are my favorite stories to share - I couldn't be prouder of how our team came together to help this customer.

We initially started working with Panola Pepper - a family owned hot sauce manufacturer based in Providence, Louisiana - earlier this summer as they were interested in our Meenjet M6 Handheld printer for date coding their retail cases. Upon speaking with our experts, they decided to order an initial unit with our 30 day performance guarantee. Unfortunately, this first purchase did not work out for their process as it was a struggle to ensure a consistent print location when manually sliding the printer across the package.

Upon hearing this, we recommended they take a look at our REINER jetStamp line of printers. These printers are perfect when a consistent print position is an absolute must as they bring a simple, yet critical, piece of automation to a handheld printer. These printers are one of a kind in that they have a self traversing print head inside the system - this means the print head slides back and forth in the same position each time allowing an operator to ensure the print position.

Once they saw the videos of the jetStamp printers in action they felt this would be the ticket and solution they were looking for. Again, they were able to rest assured by our 30 day performance guarantee. We shipped the printer out to them and it was just the ticket for their date coding needs on the retail cartons. 

Not two short months later, we received a website order for another jetStamp Graphic 970 printer and TWO of the Meenjet M6 Handheld printers. We were excited and curious to hear what sparked this repeat purchase. Ken reached out to speak with their VP, John Bowers, and learned they had a large order come through that needed thousands of primary and secondary packaging pieces coded in only a couple short days.

Armed with their previous experience of both printers, they knew that the M6 would be perfect for date coding both sides of their corrugate shipping cases and the jetStamp would continue to be used on the retail cartons but with two operators now being able to increase output. 

A few weeks later, Ken recently reached out to their President, Mike Coullard, to see how they were able to manage their deadline for the order and he shared the following data with us. According to Mike, they printed over 50,000 retail cartons in two days averaging 45 boxes per minute using the jetStamp Graphic 970 printer! And, over 13,000 outer cases (cardboard boxes) with the M6 Handheld Printer. Check out the videos that they were kind enough to share with us! 

Panola Pepper - M6HH & JS970


I'm not trying to be corny, but I have to say, it's the countless stories like this my team brings to me each week that continue to make me smile. Particularly, when I get a personal email from Mike stating the following:

"You guys are awesome! Thank you so very much for jumping on this project so fast!"

I'm grateful to have a team that believes as fully in our #KeepCodingSimple mission as I did when I first started this company. We all have the shared belief that our success is wholly dependent upon our customers' success and that is how we approach every opportunity we are fortunate enough to be presented with. 

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