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Posted by Charles Collins on Oct 9, 2019 3:56:00 PM
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Over the past two years, our company has rapidly expanded the various portable and handheld inkjet coding printers we offer to our customers. So much so that I feel confident saying that we have quickly become one of the leading portable inkjet coding distributors in the country. We have printers ranging in print height, print resolution, color options and connectivity abilities. 

High Resolution Capabilities

M6 HandheldOur thermal inkjet based handheld inkjet coders can print between 150-600 DPI depending on the model. The portable thermal inkjet coders we offer are from a variety of trusted, global manufacturers including Meenjet and REINER / AMI. Due to their high resolution print capability these handheld coders are able to print crystal clear alphanumeric text, 1D & 2D barcodes, and monochrome logos / graphics. 

Small Character Printing

Many of our customers are seeking handheld coding devices for date coding and lot coding on retailjetStamp_790MP_Print_Samples_3_1024x1024packaging, or, in some instances, for part marking on small metal and plastic components they manufacture. The Meenjet and REINER jetStamp handheld inkjet printers accomplish this easily for customers with two slightly different operational designs. The Meenjet handheld printers require the operator to slide the printer across the surface being printed, whereas the jetStamps have a self traversing print head design. These portable coders have the flexibility to print as small as 1-2 mm font heights for small character code requirements. 

Color Flexibility

Nearly all of our handheld inkjet printers have color options - with the colors available varying by the manufacturer. Meenjet, REINER and EBS all offer colored inks for their systems. The Meenjet handheld printers have the greatest color offering and flexibility - you are able to switch colors in less than 30 seconds! Meenjet offers black, white, yellow, red, green, blue and UV invisible inks in their thermal inkjet cartridges. With the REINER portable inkjet coders, the color options will vary based on the model (jetstamp 790 or jetStamp Graphic 970). The same goes for our Handjet EBS printers - the 250 and 260 models each have different colors available including black, white, yellow, two shades of blue, red and even food grade! One thing to keep in mind on the Handjet EBS printers is that the printers do not allow you to change colors - once a printer has an ink installed, it is married to that ink for life.  

One Inch Print Height

For those customers that require a one inch print height, we now have three options available to consider! Our own Sneed-Jet One Inch Handheld printer is a thermal inkjet based portable coder with high resolution print capabilities. We also have the recently released REINER jetStamp 1025 - another thermal inkjet based portable inkjet coder with high resolution print capabilities. The third option is the Handjet EBS250 which is a valve jet based handheld inkjet printer with a 16 vertical dot resolution that prints dot matrix characters and TrueType images. 

Two Inch Print Height

Handjet_EBS-260_Picture_1024x1024At the moment, we only have one printer for customers seeking a two inch print window in a handheld inkjet coder. That being said, it is a mighty impressive device. The Handjet EBS260 is manufactured in Europe with a robust and industrial construction great for any rugged environment. Many of the most common applications are in heavy industry, such oil and gas industry, shipping, and agriculture. It is a valve jet based portable printer with a 32 vertical dot resolution capable of printing alphanumeric text, logos & graphics, and 1D & 2D barcodes. 


Bluetooth / WiFi Connectivity

Customers needing Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity have several options to consider across our catalog. The Handjet EBS printers utilize remote connections for programming and the Handjet 260 can even be integrated with remote input devices - such as a barcode scanner for scan and print functions. The latest addition, REINER's jetStamp 1025, also features remote connections for customers needing ERP integration in their operations. 

Regardless of what your specific requirements are in a handheld or portable inkjet coding printer, I believe that we have something that can fit the bill for you. We strive to offer the right solution for the right application so that our customers are able to #KeepCodingSimple.

Do you have additional questions or would you like to discuss your unique application with one of our experts? Schedule a time via the link below and they'll give you a call to make the proper recommendation specific to your needs: 

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